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What is the right type of auto insurance for you?

Liability covers you if the accident is found to be your fault. It covers the damage that you caused, including bodily injury and property damage.


Collision insurance will pay for repairs performed after an accident. You must use a repair shop that has been approved by your insurance, so be sure to check before you have repairs performed.


Comprehensive insurance covers many types of damage, including vandalism, theft, and fires. Each policy will cover different areas, so make sure that you know what your policy covers.

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The right policy

 •  Liability

 •  Collision

 •  Comprehensive

Get the best coverage for your conditions

If you are still paying the loan for your car, the bank may require a minimum amount of coverage to ensure that the car gets paid for in case it is totaled in an accident. You must also consider what you can afford, your driving habits, and where you drive. We can find the right coverage for you.



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